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EMF Express Service

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The Employee Medical Folder (EMF) is Standard Form 66-D. Records from the EMF are transferred to long-term occupational medical records when an employee separates from the agency. Occupational medical records are records that contain employment-related information about an employee’s health status, including personal and occupational health histories and the opinions and written evaluations generated in the course of diagnosis and/or employment-related treatment/examinations by medical health care professionals and technicians.

Agencies decide what medical records to maintain and where to store such records during the employee’s service with the agency. Agencies may use the Employee Medical Folder to store medical records during the employee’s service but must use the Employee Medical Folder to transfer long-term occupational medical records when the employee separates. The Employee Medical Folder transferred to another agency may not include drug testing records created under Executive Order 12564 or records relating to employee drug and alcohol abuse counseling or treatment or other counseling programs conducted under chapter 79 of title 5, United States Code.

The Employee Medical Folder is part of the Government-wide system of records, OPM/GOVT-10.

If you need your EMF fast, same-day and/or tomorrow* GUARANTEED, or within one week – keep reading. That's precisely our business. We are the Federal Record expediters! Our on-site researchers will always be able to get you your EMF faster than if you were to apply through the government’s standard web, correspondence, telephone and/or fax processing procedures.

Touchstone’s Express Service is a personal research service. We act as your authorized agent. We assign your case to one of our specialized researchers who requests your EMF at the appropriate archives facility, physically, in person. If your order is received before 10 am Eastern Time, in many cases we can both make selected documents within your EMF available to you online for download through our secure server the same day and ship your entire EMF for your in-hand receipt the very next day.

Your records will be kept at NARA's National Personnel Records Center (NPRC). NPRC is one of the National Archives and Records Administration's largest operations, a central repository of personnel-related records, both military and civil service.

Although NPRC's Records Room is tasked to provide on-site researchers with their records requests same-day, most are returned to us in 2-4 days. We can obtain many records the same day. In well over 95% of cases, we will deliver your EMF to you within 7 business days.

You should take these Government internal delays into consideration when you place your order.

As a part of our personal Express Service, if problems are encountered, we will either e-mail or call you to discuss and resolve any difficulties. This speeds the process over snail-mail correspondence.

How to Order

  1. Select the Express Service processing time that you require below. This is the time that should be added to the Government delay to determine approximately when your EMF will be shipped.
  2. Click the Add to Cart button below, Checkout and then create your account.
  3. You'll be given several shipping options. Select your shipping method of choice, from overnight FedEx to 2-4 day Priority Mail.
  4. Finally, after you've paid and completed your order, there will be a download link to a form at your Order Page. The form provides us with your personal information and most importantly your signature. Your records are protected by the Privacy Act and the law requires that we have your written authorization in order to allow us to access your records. Log Into your account and download the PDF form from there. OR, you can access the EMF Request Form in PDF (here) formats. Follow the form's simple instructions: complete the form, sign it and fax it back to us ASAP so that we’ll have the necessary information and your authorization to commence our search for your OPF. We cannot begin until we have a faxed (or scanned) copy of your signed authorization in-hand. This form MUST be signed by you so that we can act as your agent and on your behalf in regard to our search.

Questions? Or order by phone!

How can our researchers get you your record so fast? We encourage you to read our FAQ (Click HERE) for any questions or concerns.
    The simplest and easiest way to obtain your DD214 is to order it here, online 24/7. But if you still have any questions or concerns ... you can access our on-line chat by clicking the chat button at left. Or call us toll-free: 800-At DD214 (800-283-3214).
Our call center hours are M-F 08:30am to 11:00pm Eastern time, but is closed federal holidays. Our back-office operations are working 24/7 to move your order forward. The earlier you place your order, the sooner we will retrieve your documents.

Guaranteed, Bonded and Insured Service

In all cases, we GUARANTEE the fastest possible delivery. No one can get you your EMF faster.

    *   Business Days. Same Day, Two and Three Day Express Service processing require our receipt of your signed authorization by 10 a.m. Eastern Time. Hard copy delivery are certified copies. Fax and Online Download are not certified copies.
         Delivery is FOB shipping point, delivery to shipper. Below are OUR process times, the time within which we will acquire your EMF and deliver it to the shipper. You should add to this any internal Government facility delays. Later in the order process you'll be able to select the shipping choice that best meets your needs.

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